Yuukyuu no Tier Blade -Lost Chronicle- – Review

悠久のティアブレイド -Lost Chronicle-  

Cast: Ishikawa Kaito, Terashima Takuma, Kondo Takashi, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Kakihara Tetsuya

Release Date: September 8, 2016

Localization: No

Once again I avoided a game because the plot really put me off since it gave me Norn9/sci-fi and gundam/mecha vibes which I REALLY don’t like. There wasn’t anyone that really jumped out to me either, even when they casted ishikai I was like :^( at his character because he didn’t look like my type. Eventually I saw everyone on my twitter playing it and saying they loved it so it it ended up on my radar again. They later announced a FD but again I was still skeptical because FD are usually a big hit or miss. However at this point I was already contemplating getting the game and then THIS HAPPENED:

Fammy’s tokuten for buying the Tierblade FD

Yup, I’m a loser and the moment I saw this and the fact that the RE version of the game was on sale for 27% off on Amazon, I decided to finally get the game because if I’m going to buy the FD for context of that scene I need to play the original game.


Our story begins in a highkey post-apocalyptic world in the far future where two men, Sud and Atharva meet under a series of incidents and through a mutual goal go to search for a girl named Eve. Eve has been living in a shelter called the Neo-Sphere for over 3000 years and has the power to purify the Earth of it’s rotting state. They eventually do find her and all is good until they get attacked by giant mechas, but luckily they discover they have a mecha on their side… a Tier Blade.

…. or something like that. While there weren’t any major plot holes, I found inconsistencies between the characters and their choices in their own/other character routes. For example a lot of the development and reasoning we get from a character in their route is suddenly thrown out the window in another route for the sake of convenience or to move the plot a different way (stares at True End) While most of the changes they made wasn’t blasphemous it was kind of disappointing to see character development being broken down to fit the plot

Pacing was also an issue for me. I think the beginning was alright, but it definitely started to drag towards the second half. The battles were especially long and tedious, after completing 3 routes I was already begging the game to hurry up and change scenes. I am satisfied with the main/happy endings for the characters though, True End is definitely the one I think is best because it ties everything in together. The tragic ends were also very satisfying don’t talk about Yajur’s though, we don’t talk about that it’s tragic in a whole other way I wish they handled the two Eves better, especially the “2nd” one because I felt so disconnected as her in Row’s route- I felt more like a spectator than Eve herself.


I thought the characters would fall under predictable stereotypes but they didn’t and they were so much more than what I initially thought. Even though Sud really isn’t my type of character, I grew to like him because he was so much more than what was advertised by the game. They each have a pretty compelling backstory that all connected them to Eve which I thought was really interesting. I also think that was one of the stronger plot points of the game. Character development was pretty good for the suitors, but I still think they could’ve handled Eve’s growth a little better, especially between the two Eves.


The art is probably one of the most eye-catching thing about this game. The CGs are absolutely gorgeous and the character designs are so detailed! Even the side characters look good, not your basic NPC look. One gripe I have with the art is probably the sprites?? I feel like the quality jumped down, not because they were inconsistent with the CGs but they looked rather blurry/ pixelated when they spoke? Maybe because of the animations the quality went down so the sprites kind of jump out of the backgrounds too much for me. Eventually I got used to it but SCREAMS I know other games with sprite animations that didn’t make the characters look this pixelated.

I’m a big dumb for this man
Atharva’s CGs are probably my favourite because BLUE COMPOSITIONS
Best face

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Art is on point and so is the music! Very nice tracks that help set the mood from light hearted moments, tense moments, emotional moments and more. To my surprise during the final fight there’s actually a song with vocals, shounen anime vibes. The soundtrack is great I ended up searching for it online after just one route. You can listen to some of the tracks here:


The system is gorgeous and so easy to read. It matches the sci-fi aesthetic really well while making it easy to navigate. Another cool thing about the system is that every option you click in the system you get a voiced line by some of the characters in the game which is a really cool touch on their part. The menu in game is probably my favourite, the emblem behind the TITLE option changes depending on which route you’re on!

Title Screen
Title Menu
Gallery Menu
In-game Menu (Can you guess who’s emblem that is-)


I feel like the game tried too hard to emphasize the sci-fi aspects of it because a lot of the times I was left ???????????? at some things lol I’m still not too sure what the heck those nano machines can do. Also, I felt that the game got really repetitive with the whole fighting off Row/Arcadia, kidnapping Eve, etc. especially when I had to see it like 6 times. That combined with the super long mecha battles was a real turn off for me because I found them super tedious not much substance with it. Until you get to Row and the True End routes, the plot is pretty linear and didn’t do the greatest job at branching out to other characters which is a shame because the characters themselves are really good and well written, but the divide between general plot and addition of character back story etc. was blended nicely for most of the routes. The pacing was fine in the beginning, great even but after the middle, it sort of went downhill for me.

Overall: 7.5/10


In the end, while I wasn’t too thrilled about the execution of the plot and the overall sci-fi aspects of the game, I still liked this game a lot more than I thought I would. While the plot was interesting, I can’t say I was really hooked onto it until maybe the True End. The gorgeous art and soundtrack was a real saving grace for me, along with that gorgeous system and characters made the game memorable for me. So while I wouldn’t be compelled to replay this game all over again, I would go back just to visit the characters again because they were so interesting. On that note, I’m really excited for the FD! We get to see more character interactions outside main plot/battle which was one the the highlights of the game for me. Looks like we’ll also get more info about the past and side characters which I’m looking forward to getting to know them in more detail. ready to cry for oniichan


  • Lovable cast of of characters with clear motivations
  • Gorgeous art and soundtrack
  • Well rounded story with nearly no plot holes/lingering questions


  • Kind of repetitive after 3 routes
  • Mecha battles felt long and tedious
  • Inconsistency in character development outside of route

Recommended for people who:

  • Who like sci-fi/mecha themed games
  • Withstanding love trope
  • Enjoy generally light hearted and happy games that pull on your heartstrings

You can buy the game here: 

Read my reactions of the game here: #michiplaysティアブレイド

Probably planning on playing the ENG Collar x Malice next but should I do a review for that too?

2 thoughts on “Yuukyuu no Tier Blade -Lost Chronicle- – Review

  1. Thank’s for review its nice to read more opinions on tierblade.

    ”Kind of repetitive after 3 routes”
    This probably comes from the fact its by the moujuutsukai to ouji-sama team
    like they love to have some same-ish things in every route and/or group characters together.

    ”Inconsistency in character development outside of route…”
    I see people mentioning this for other games as well like a lot like characters have strong
    motivations for stuff but if it ain’t there route buhbye to said motivations, its not
    necessarily bad because else there wouldn’t be room for the character whom’s route your on.

    1. Oh boy, I’ve never played the moujuutsukai series but it was kind of sad to see only subtle changes to the story in character routes, I guess I wanted more?

      I can definitely see why they’d need to cut stuff out to make room for the character route you’re actually on. I guess I’m sad because I know the potential for ______ character but it’s not really shown in other routes. (Like how they dealt with the whole betrayal thing, some routes they’re super angry/pissed but others they’re shocked and willing to forgive?) I found Verite did a good job on having ______ characters developed and staying that way no matter the route. Well, we can’t have everything but the nice characters and their backstories made up for it for me.

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