First Love Story – Impressions


FIRST LOVE STORY by favary games is a mobile visual novel that caters to otome, BL, and GL fans as FIRST LOVE STORY allows for such capturable routes (2 BxG, 1 GxG, 1 BxB). I was able to play an advanced copy on ANDROID from favary so I will be reviewing that version. This is a mobile game so review is going to be different from my previous ones. This part of the review will focus on the system itself and the Chitose x Asahi route.



  1. Mini-Game mode allows you to increase your trust level with the capturable love interest. You can also increase your trust with gems.
  2. Events are special gacha scenarios you can get with gems.
  3. There is also a Favourable Impressions bar which increase by +10 or +20 depending on the choices you make in story mode. You can also increase this by using gems.

Chitose x Asahi 

Chitose seems to be the attentive, kind to everyone sort of heroine who always does her best. At first I was worried she’d just get swept along with the flow of the story but some of her reactions are pretty funny (the sprites make it 100x funnier). I was really cheering her on in Asahi’s route just because Asahi is the type of character you REALLY have to put in effort to get to know him, so thank god she has the patience for that. I felt so bad for her whenever he didn’t react to her disappointment (lol).

The main conflict of the story is mostly Chitose wondering how to get her feelings across/confess to Asahi as well as finding out more about his ex-girlfriend and how he feels about her. Since the main theme of this game is FIRST LOVE STORY we obviously go through all the standard high school events, so in that sense it’s very…. Fluffy and innocent (laughs). I feel like the shoujo cliché is the girl being confused about her feelings for the love interest but in this case it was the other way around so I thought that was interesting. I wasn’t really feeling the story in the beginning since there was no BIG factor or conflict that made me want to keep reading but somewhere towards the middle when we see Asahi realize his feelings, it got a lot more interesting because at this point I was cheering for the both of them to get their feelings across (laughs).

At some point all the Akira interactions in this route were too cute that I wanted to quickly jump off this route and go for Akira’s route (oops). Translation wise it doesn’t really flow well for me; not that it doesn’t make sense or anything but maybe it’s too… literal at times? Stiff? (However I am paying an advanced copy so????) The message gets across but maybe it could be done in a smoother way. Also some parts aren’t translated yet (in the pictures anyways) but it didn’t take away too much from the main plot of the game. The CGs were really well done though and I thought they were quite cute.


All and all I enjoyed the first route I played and the GL and BL route options are very nice to have and playing the NL route definitely peaked my interests for that seeing their cute interactions. It’s nice to have that option because I’m sure in a lot of visual novels people are always going like “God I wish I could just date the best friend character/side character” or something along those lines (but sensei tho, hnello). I think otome, yuri, and yaoi fans alike will appreciate these options. If you enjoy a sweet, innocent, fluffy romance filled with the youth of high school drama, consider picking up his game!



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